Gravestones and Memorials - Mayo

Aughagower Cemetery

Thomas MADDEN July 31 1956 age 58 Altmount St Westport Bea January 27 1964 sons Matt June 20 1960 Thomas December 31 1992


This graveyard is on the eastern side of the village three miles south of Castlebar on the road to Partry.

Bridget Madden/who died 28 Jan 1898/aged 66 years/also her husband Patrick Madden/who died 14th Dec 1895/aged 7(4?) years

Burriscarra Cemetery

In Loving Memory of Owen McHUGH 1840-1929 his wife Mary (nee RIORDAN) 1840-1920 their son Pat 1872-1938 his wife Bridget (nee MADDEN) 1885-1943 RIP

Burrishoole Abbey

This is the most important northern medieval monastery that survived until the 17th century.

The Lord have merc/y on the soul of/Laurence Madden/deceasd 1st (March?)/1818 aged 4(2?) years/... his daughter (M/ary?) Madden July ... 1814/aged (2 or /9) years/This stone erected/by his son

Castlebar Old

Situated just outside the town on the Westport road. It is the largest graveyard in this area of West Mayo.

Here lie the/remains of/Maria Eliza &/Cath Madden (early 19th century)

Drum Cemetery

Pray for the Soul of John MADDEN Donamoona died 15th Dec 1930 his wife Kate died Dec 31 1958 their daughter Winifred who died 11th Dec 1976 John MADDEN died 20th Sept 1894 and his wife Winifred who died 21st Jan 1903

Kilmeena Cemetery

Kilmeena (New) Cemetery is located north of Westport near Kilmeena situated next to a school near Myna.

In loving memory of MICHAEL MADDEN, Mayour, died 7th Aug. 1955. His wife CATHERINE, died 25th July 1963. Their son EDDIE, died 6th Jan. 1984, his wife BRIDIE died 26th May 1983. Erected by their daughter KATHLEEN.

Cherished memories of VIVIENNE MADDEN Mayour died 26th June 1999 aged 18 years.

St. Mary's Abbey Cemetery, Ballinasmalla, Claremorris

Madden, Anthony, d. 6 Dec 1790, age: 66yr