Madden Records - Australia - Civil Registration - Western Australia

The colony of Western Australia was established in 1887. [New South Wales is the oldest established Australian colony, established in 1788. Tasmania became a separate colony in 1825 followed by South Australia [1836], Victoria [1851], Queensland [1859] and Western Australia [1887]. In 1901 the six colonies became a Federation of States of the Commonwealth of Australia. Two additional Territories were created in 1911: the Australian Capital Territory & the Northern Territory.]

Civil registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages has been compulsory in Western Australia since September 1841. The civil registration records are held by the Western Australia Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, part of the Western Australia Department of the Attorney General.

The indexes are online and free to search. They are also available on CD and microfiche. The online indexes cover the period:

Births 1841 to 1931
Marriage 1841 to 1921
Death 1841 to 1953

The Pioneers Index on CD includes births, marriages and deaths from 1841-1905.

The indexes available for Western Australia on microfiche cover the years:

Births  1841 - 1905
Marriages  1841 - 1965
Deaths  1841 - 1980

The index provides a registration number which can be used to order copies of the original certificate through the Western Australia Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. There is no transcription service as in NSW.