Madden Records - Australia - Civil Registration - Victoria

The colony of Victoria was established in 1851. [New South Wales is the oldest established Australian colony, established in 1788. Tasmania became a separate colony in 1825 followed by South Australia [1836], Victoria [1851], Queensland [1859] and Western Australia [1887]. In 1901 the six colonies became a Federation of States of the Commonwealth of Australia. Two additional Territories were created in 1911: the Australian Capital Territory & the Northern Territory.]

Compulsory registration of births, deaths and marriages in Victoria was introduced in 1853. The civil registration records are held by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, part of the Victorian Department of Justice. They can be accessed from there online for a fee.

Currently the on-line BMD Indexes for Victoria cover the following years:

- Births 1853-1907
- Marriages 1853-1942
- Deaths 1853-1985

The on-line indexes include Church baptisms, marriages and burials 1836 to 1853.

The indexes can also be accessed on both microfiche and CD. The CD and microfiche versions cover different years to the online indexes. The CD/fiche indexes currently available through VicHeritage - the commercial arm of the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages - contain Births 1853-1901, Marriages 1853-1920 and Burials 1853-1985. However, earlier CDs and fiche released by the Registry contained Births up to 1920 and Marriages up to 1942. These older versions may still be found in public and genealogical society libraries. The extended range of birth and marriage events is also included on the Digger series of CDs.

The indexes include detail on the registration district of the event. A useful guide to the abbreviations used in the indexes is available at the Australia GenWeb.

The full form of the abbreviated district has been included in brackets in the extracts below.

The index provides a registration number which can be used to order copies of the original certificate through the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

MADDEN names from the Victorian BDM indexes have been extracted below.

Birth Index 1836-1888; 1889-1920
Marriage Index 1836-1888; 1889-1942
Deaths 1836-1888; 1889-1985