O'Maddens of Hy-Many

In 700 AD, Hy-Many was divided between two brothers, Eoghan Finn, ancestor of the northern Hy-Many or O'Kellys and Eoghan Buac, ancestor of the southern Hy-Many or O'Maddens. Eoghan Buach's son was called Anmchad or Ambrose. He was in turn the progenitor of a group of families known as Síol Anmchadha meaning the seed of Amnchad or Ambrose and the territory also became known as Síol Anmchadha or Silanchia.

A map of Ireland showing the location of the area once known as Uí Maine or Hy-Many may be helful.

This well-reseached book by Gerard Madden follows the Madudan or O'Madden lineage from Eogham Buac in the eighth century through to the Maddens in Roscommon and Galway in the eighteenth century. A separate chapter is devoted to the Maddens of county Longford in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when the English finally defeated the Irish and many Madden landowners lost their ancestral lands. Futher chapters are devoted to the castles and places associated with the O'Maddens, churches, graveyards and churchmen particularly associated with the Madden family and noteworthy Maddens. A chapter titled 'Wilde Geese' details historical and military records of Maddens in France and Spain mainly in the 17th and 18th centuries. The final chapter is devoted to some individual family genealogies and biographies including the descendants of Thomas Madden (1715-1781) who settled in the Clontara/Parteen area of County Clare; the Maddens of the parish of Fahy in Galway; John Madden of Cuain Tuaiscirt in County Galway who was deported to Australia for being a political agitator and member of the local 'ribbonmen'; and John Madden of Killererin in east Galway who immigrated also to Australia in 1846.

Although there are some details on particular Madden families included in the final chapter, the book is primarily devoted to the early history of the Madden and O'Maddens of Ireland. The book makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in their deep Madden ancestral roots and indeed anyone wanting to learn more about the early social and political history of Ireland from the perspective of one particular family.

The book is available from East Clare Heritage, Tuamgraney, Co. Clare, Ireland