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Distribution of surnames in Ireland in 1890 (Matheson's special report)

This data was derived from Robert R. Matheson's Special Report on Surnames in Ireland. This statistical report is based on the births registered in Ireland during the year 1890. It should be noted that it provides a snapshot of Irish surname distribution in the late 19th century after Ireland had experienced significant population change caused by factors such as the Great Famine, emigration, rural to urban migration etc. As such, one might expect differences between this data and the distribution of surnames in Ireland in the first half of the 19th century. A further limitation is the fact that it includes only surnames having five or more birth entries thus excluding some of the rarer Irish family names. [Ulster Historical Foundation]

Ireland Map © 2009 Ulster Historical Foundation
Total births:107

Principally located in counties: Galway, Cork, Dublin, Antrim.

Total Ulster = 16
Total Leinster = 21
Total Connaught = 37
Total Munster = 33





Map of Roman Catholic parishes in Ireland [Provided by Links to availability of records for each parish. Roman Catholic parishes are generally larger than civil parishes although they may have the same name. They are generally more ancient than civil parishes.]

Map of Civil Parishes in Ireland [Provided by The Civil Parish was the original unit of administration of the medieval church in Ireland and was used right up to the end of the nineteenth century for local and central  government. They were essentially the same as the parishes of the established Church of Ireland. Civil parishes were divided into townlands. This map links to Townlands in each parish and records available.]

Map of Registration Districts in Ireland [See full reference at Connor's Genealogy-Ireland Registrar's Districts]